Application for: Wikidata goes Library – The GLAMorous side of Wikidata

    Our next Wikidata event takes place on Friday, 18 October 2019, 13.00-19.00 at Hauptbücherei Wien.
    Information on the program can be found at Wikidata:Events/Vienna/2019-10-18. Participation is free of charge.
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    I am already using Wikidata there.
    I am adding data from my local institution to Wikidata.
    I neither use nor add data from or to Wikidata but am i am planning to do so.

    My data is structured in columns, better not open and doesn’t contain any links.
    I think what libraries already do, e.g. using authority files, is something quite similar to what LOD could be.
    I am a virtuoso on my Virtuoso Server.

    This time we have a few workshops to choose from, please let us know what you are interested in, so we can plan the rooms accordingly! Find more info about the Workshops in the English version of the program at SPARQL – Using SPARQL to ask questions to Wikidata (no coding skills required, trainer: Nicolas Vigneron). Mix’n’match – Linking vocabularies and aligning datasets with Wikidata using the Mix’n’match tool (no coding skills required, trainer: Jean-Fred). OpenRefine – OpenRefine as a tool to enrich bibliographic metadata (no coding skills required, trainer: Chris). How to deploy your very own Wikibase on your local machine? – In this workshop, you’ll learn how to deploy and run your own instance of Wikibase on your local machine (this is a more technical workshop, involves eg. running commands over terminal, trainer: Peb).

    You can spontaneously decide on the day of the workshop if you'd like to show your previous work to others in the form of a lightning talk (2–3 minutes, informal format, 100% optional). If you already have something you want to share please let us know:

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    Thank you and we are looking forward to meeting you!